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The Hound of Heaven

The Hound of Heaven by Francis Thompson is an incredible poem, and we were super excited when N. D. Wilson showed up at Hutchmoot a couple of years ago to screen his film adaptation of it. The dreamlike film is hard to describe—it’s a music video, a poetry slam, a play, a dream. But one thing is for sure, it’s fascinating, and it moves me every time I watch it. (Oh, and I didn’t mention it’s co-produced by Hisao Kurosawa—that’s Akira Kurosawa’s son. Whoa.)

Ever since Nate Wilson showed us the film at Hutchmoot, I’ve been hungry to see it again and share it with people. Today I just found out that it’s now available on iTunes and Amazon. It only costs $3, so pass up that hamburger that you don’t need anyway and buy a timeless work of art instead. Here’s the trailer.


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