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The Hutchmoot Podcast: The Striving Artist with Russ Ramsey

Tonight at the Manor, Russ Ramsey is speaking about the life and work of painter Henry Ossawa Tanner. So, as a companion piece to Kyra’s inspiring meditation from this morning, here is a session from Hutchmoot 2017 where Russ explores the life and work of another artist—Vincent Van Gough.

Russ Ramsey is a pastor in Nashville, Tennessee, an author of four fantastic books which you can find in the Rabbit Room Store, and as you’ll hear in this session, he’s a remarkable essayist and thoughtful appreciator of art—in particular, the art of Vincent Van Gogh.

Click here to read Kyra Hinton’s essay from this morning about how the phrase “art nourishes community and community nourishes art” has played out in her life as a visual artist.


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