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The Molehill Podcast: Beech Grove (feat. Russ Ramsey & Chris Slaten)

Wherein Chris Slaten reads his poems “Conversation,” “The Right Time,” and “All Saints’ Day,” Russ Ramsey reads his piece “Beech Grove,” and Drew Miller shares the sixth Word of Befuddlement: grumpple.

First published in Volume 2 of The Molehill, “Beech Grove” is a tale that proceeds at the pace of Port William, charting the parallel landscapes of a small Indiana town and of a young boy’s inner life. You’ll learn about Russ’s introduction to the feeling of guilt, his larger-than-life grandfather, and our simultaneous ability to be deeply known and deeply unknown by those closest to us.

Words of Befuddlement

Words of Befuddlement is a special Molehill Podcast segment inspired by games like Dictionary and Balderdash. In fact, it’s no different, except that the word in question doesn’t exist anywhere other than in the notorious mind of Pete Peterson (so don’t go looking for it in a dictionary).

Each week, Drew Miller (host of The Molehill Podcast) will share a new Word of Befuddlement and ask you to send in your very own definition to The following week, he will read some of the definitions he received and reveal the “correct” definition as determined by Pete.

The sixth Word of Befuddlement, shared in today’s episode, is the noun “grumpple.” You can send in your very own definition of “grumpple” to Drew, and he might just read it on next week’s show. And who knows? You may even guess correctly.

Artwork by the inimitable Stephen Crotts Words of Befuddlement graphic by Mindy Cook Original Molehill Podcast theme music by Zach & Maggie

Other music featured in this episode: “Under the Stars” by Analog Heart “Highlands” by Kyle McEvoy “Overlook (Ambient Mix)” by Roary “By the Grave” by Anton Belov “The Twilit Vale / The Quiet Longing” by Ron Block “Family” by Greg Thomas


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