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The Playroom at Hutchmoot: Homebound

Hutchmoot: Homebound is not just for adults. Right alongside the deep discussions and bookish hallways is an entire space dedicated to children called the Playroom (not to mention scavenger hunts and kazoos, which are for the enjoyment of children and adults alike). What might a child find in the Playroom, you ask? Well, we are only too glad to tell you.

This year, visitors of the Playroom will be treated to special concerts from Randall Goodgame and Michael J. Tinker, episodes of The Slugs & Bugs show and Adventures of the Juniper, talks from favorite authors like S. D. Smith, Randall Goodgame, James Witmer, Carolyn Leiloglou, and Dorena Williamson, illustrators John Hendrix and Ken Priebe, and even a Poetry Jam hosted by Jennifer Trafton and featuring jam-related kids’ recipes demonstrated by Rachel Matar.

Basically, it’s going to be tons of fun.

Rabbit Room Members, Guess What!

We’ll have some fun, special Hutchmoot content for members again this year! As for what it is? You’ll just have to wait—or become a member—to find out.

If you want to learn more about what membership means you can read about it on the blog or on our Become a Member page.


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