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The Resistance, Episode 4: Theodore Shapiro

Resistance is typically linked to the start of an endeavor—the blinking cursor on a blank digital page, the initial motivation (or lack thereof) to go to the gym, the fear of asking him/her out. From there, the assumption is that resistance will slowly fade or even disappear altogether as success is found and progress is made.

Theodore Shapiro would beg to differ.

Theodore is a film composer who has scored over 70 films, from The Wolf of Wall Street to The Devil Wears Prada, Marley and Me to Ghostbusters.

Unfortunately, none of his success has stopped the resistance. Despite a calendar filled with high-profile commitments, Shapiro is not fully satisfied.

His resistance is still present and very much at work.

On this episode of The Resistance, Theodore speaks honestly about the difficult balancing act between contentment and ambition. Is it healthy to feed the ego? What about our drive for excellence? When is enough ever enough? There are no easy answers here.

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