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The River Fox Chapter Five: The King’s Guard (Or Lack Thereof)

[Fantasy adventure and slapstick cartoon humor. Martin runs from dragons and bandits, while Marco tries to break out of a desert camp. The River Fox, volume two of The Dragon Lord Saga is now premiering one episode a week at Webtoons (also check out volume one, Martin & Marco).]

It’s a quirky thing, adapting two-dimensional characters to three dimensions. I think I remember reading that when the first Snoopy toy was manufactured, Charles Schultz rejected dozens of prototypes before landing on a design that recreated the pen-and-ink dog in three dimensions.

I don’t have any multi-million-dollar toy deals, but when I discovered the sculpted art of Jenny Dorf last year, I knew that I needed to commission her to sculpt my characters for the following reasons:

—Jenny’s sculptures are fun and awesome.

Yup, that’s it. Just one reason.

Check these guys out:

Check out more of Jenny’s brilliant work at her web home, Whim’s Workshop — she’s loves what she does and she’s awesome at it!


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