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The Second Muse: The Lost Art of Listening (Epilogue)

In this last episode of Season Two, Drew Miller asks three questions of the Rabbit Room staff: How did you listen to music growing up and how have your listening habits changed? What is your advice for becoming a better listener? And who are some artists you’re listening to right now?

You’ll hear the voices of Andrew Peterson, Pete Peterson, Jennifer Trafton, Chris Thiessen, Leslie Thompson, and Shigé Clark as they share about their personal relationship to music.

This episode was inspired by a blog series at the Rabbit Room called The Lost Art of Listening, which examined how the streaming era has forever changed the way we listen, for better and for worse.

And click here to listen to our Second Muse playlist on Spotify and Apple Music, featuring all the excellent songs explored throughout this series.

Transcripts are now available for The Second Muse! You can find them by clicking here. They are typically one or two episodes behind.

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