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The Wingfeather Saga TV series is here!

I’ve been watching The Wingfeather Saga come together since the beginning and I’m so glad that today the public finally gets to see what the animation team has been up to. Tonight, episode one will be available to everyone everywhere via the Angel Studios app. [Apple Store | Android]

Fangs? Maggotloaf? Igibys? Dragons? Songs? Books? Crannies? It’s all here, and over the next few weeks we’re getting three episodes, followed by the final three episodes of season one this February.

Andrew and the team have taken a long road to get here and they are joined by a crazy-talented cast and crew that make up a who’s-who list of movies and animation. After seeing what they’ve done with these first few episodes, those who have read the books will be chomping at the bit to see what the team can do once the series gets into the epic territory that comes later. Fork factory? Ice Prairies? Green Hollows? Throg? Anniera? Yes, please.

If you enjoy the show and want to support it and help seasons 2-7 happen, use the app to pay it forward (just like many of you have done with The Chosen) and check out the merch store at the link below. Merch is one of the biggest ways you can support the show in a long-term way and they’ve got some really cool stuff available.

Huge congrats to Andrew and the team. This is an enormous accomplishment—and it’s just the beginning.


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