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I’m going to tell you about a Cool Thing.

What is this Cool Thing, you ask?

It’s a radio show in the vein of A Prairie Home Companion, put together by Lee Camp, a theology professor at Nashville’s Lipscomb University. Jeff Taylor, the musician who you may have seen playing with Michael Card, Buddy Greene, Ricky Skaggs, the Chieftains, or–if I say so myself–myself, is the band leader for the show, and told me about the concept months ago. He asked if I’d be into playing on it and I immediately said yes.

The house band is a who’s-who of great (and I mean great) Nashville players, like the aforementioned Jeff Taylor and fiddler Aubrey Haynie (the genius who played the mandolin and fiddle on Carried Along way back in 1999–remember that killer mandolin/fiddle romp at the end of “The Ninety and Nine”?). But in addition to a great band, the show featured taped interviews with authors such as Brian McLaren, plus skits that were–I know this is hard to believe–actually funny. The show was a delight. Ben and I stood in the wings listening to the rehearsal with the feeling that we were witnessing the beginning of something very special.

The show I was honored to be a part of was titled “The Appalachian Longing for Home”, and I played “Let There Be Light” and “After the Last Tear Falls.” There was also a lady named Odessa Settles who sang some goosebump-inflicting negro spirituals. It was beautiful.

Well, the first show hasn’t aired yet, but the second taping is in a couple of weeks and you might still have time to reserve a few tickets. Jamie and I will be there in the audience, and I’ll be wearing my nicer jeans and my less-wrinkled button down shirt. This is a classy affair, mind you.

Be sure and visit to find out more about the show, and to reserve tickets for the upcoming taping. You’ll be glad you did.


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