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Updates from the Second Quarter of 2019

Thank you for supporting the Rabbit Room through the first half of 2019! We can hardly believe the year is halfway done. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff in the works, and we want to take a moment to share our gratitude and update you on all we have going on.

Updates from the Second Quarter of 2019

North Wind Manor — We’re blown away with how far North Wind Manor has come this quarter. Thanks to our generous donors, the operations center is up! The staff is excited to move over as soon as inspections are complete, and deconstruction of the Manor should begin next quarter. We recently crossed the $400,000 threshold, leaving us with only $41,212 left to raise for full funding. Thank you to everyone who has brought the project this far.

Update and thank you from AP A quick note from Andrew Peterson to thank our members and North Wind Manor donors for all that you have made possible. Publicado por The Rabbit Room em Segunda-feira, 8 de julho de 2019

Hutchmoot UK Hutchmoot UK is almost here! July 18th-20th is speeding toward us, and the programme is all mapped out. We’re excited to gather with new friends across the pond to celebrate the gospel through art, story, and music. A limited number of tickets are available to the public for next Friday night’s Andrew Peterson concert (admission is free to Hutchmoot UK guests).

Hutchmoot US — Meanwhile, we’re humbled to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hutchmoot US this year. We’ll be looking back on prior iterations of Hutchmoot and celebrating the works and artists that inspired its creation. This quarter, we opened up the opportunity for anyone interested in being a Hutchmoot 2019 sponsor. Thank you to all those who have gathered at this feast with us in years past, and to our partners who have believed in the mission and continuously helped us make it a reality.

The Rabbit Room Podcast Network — Thanks to your support, we’ve added three fantastic new podcasts to our network this quarter. Jonathan Rogers hosts The Habit, Matt Conner hosts The Resistance, and Pete Peterson dropped the first twelve chapters of his series Fin’s Revolution. The Rabbit Room Podcast Network is thriving with nine wonderful series, and we’re truly glad to share them with you.

The Local Show — The Spring 2019 season of The Local Show wrapped up this quarter with a moving and hilarious night of “Songs We Loved in High School.” You can enjoy the original songs on our Local Show Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Dates and tickets are already up for the Fall 2019 season, starting on September 3rd, and for the first time we will be opening the Local Show up to anyone who would like to sponsor. The Local Show is an incarnation of the community that the Rabbit Room strives to create, and we want to continue offering the experience to anyone who would come while valuing and supporting the artists.

Every Moment Holy — We’re grateful to our friends Ellie Holcomb, Russell Moore, Sally Lloyd Jones, and JJ Heller for sharing their appreciation of Every Moment Holy this quarter. We all now have the joyous capability of hearing Sally read “A Liturgy for Changing Diapers.” In fact, you can now listen to thirteen different liturgies being read aloud and share them freely with anyone who needs them. Don’t forget that there are discount codes available for you and anyone you want to share them with. ForaFriend gets as many friends as you like 25% off their Every Moment Holy order, and GiftEMH gets 25% off any order of ten copies or more. Thank you for loving and stewarding this work along with us!

Seasonal Playlists — Second quarter saw the creation of three new Rabbit Room playlists. Check out our compilations for Easter 2019, Songs We Loved in High School, and the recently-published Rabbit Room Road Trip. You can find these and the rest of our playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.

Rabbit Room on the Road — Speaking of Rabbit Room road trips, Rabbit Room on the Road went to Ontario, California, last month and there are two final events in August. There will be breakout sessions on stories and imagination, concerts by Andrew Peterson and Slugs & Bugs, and full access to the exhibit hall and other Great Homeschool Convention activities. We’re happy to bring a taste of the Rabbit Room and Hutchmoot to different areas of the country, and we hope you drop in to say hello if you’re nearby. Our next two events will be in Rochester, New York, and Jacksonville, Florida, and registration is available on the Great Homeschool Convention website.

Friends of L’Abri — Friends of L’Abri is gearing up for its two-day Nashville L’Abri conference on the 26th and 27th of July. The conference will center around the theme of “being human in a fragmenting world” through meals, music, and discussion, and it promises to be a life-giving experience for all who attend.

Please keep us in your prayers as the year continues to move forward. Third quarter holds many unknowns and new experiences, and we’re grateful to have your support as we walk into what God has prepared for us in the rest of 2019.


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