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Welcome to the New Rabbit Room

The old website was getting dusty and long in the tooth, so the time has come to retire it. Welcome to the fresh new face of the Rabbit Room. 

I can already hear a few of you groaning about young kids and their new-fangled toys. It’s okay. I know it looks different. And it’s got sans serif fonts (the horror!). But we’re sure it’ll be as familiar as an old friend in no time.

Here’s a look at some of what’s new (fangled):

  1. More access to more content: Looking through the archives on the old site was frustrating. We’ve fixed that. You can now browse categories to your heart’s content. Find them at the top of the page under the title. You can also click “Archives” where you can further sort articles by author, topic, and date.

  2. More visibility for recent posts: You can scroll through the last 12 posts with the click of a finger. Just click the arrows to the right or left of the “Most Recent” section.

  3. Rabbit Room Radio is back: You asked for it. Click the radio button in the navigation bar to open the player. Don’t forget to support the artists you hear by shopping in the Rabbit Room Store.

  4. The “About” page: It’s not only a whole lot prettier, it’s a whole lot more informative.

  5. Forums: In a lot of ways, the Rabbit Room community sprang from the age-old forums on Andrew Peterson’s website (folks used to call it Andyland). For those of you who have missed that experience, welcome back. In the forums you’ll find places to discuss music, art, story, and whatever else for as long as you like.

  6. Video content: Rabbit Room contributors have produced a wealth of video content over the past nine years, and now we’ve finally made it readily accessible. If you’re looking for that treasure trove of One Minute Reviews, look no further.

  7. Coming Events: Yep. They’re back, and better than ever.

  8. User Profiles: You can now create your own Rabbit Room user profile. Once you’ve done so, you can send friend requests and private messages, you’ll receive notifications when people mention you by name, you can upload your own profile pic, you’ll get your own Facebook-like activity feed, and you can even create private groups to hold discussions like book groups or prayer groups. Don’t be shy. We built it for you.

  9. Mobile Support: The site is now MUCH more user-friendly on your phone and tablet. Don’t forget you can still use the app if you prefer (iOS only).

That should be enough to get you started. There are bound to be a few bugs still lingering. If you find one, feel free to let us know in the Bug Report forum of the Community Round Table (click “Forums” at the top of this page).

Thanks to Brannon McAllister and Andrew Joyce for putting in so many long hours in getting the new site ready. They did an awesome job.

Now, if you haven’t already done so, go read Doug McKelvey’s new post on his 100-year vision. He perfectly captures the spirit of why we do the things we do, and this site (though I know it won’t be around for 100 years) is one small way in which we act out that belief.

The Rabbit Room was founded on the idea that community nourishes art, and art nourishes community. This website is a way of developing that community, and we look forward to the art, growth, and relationships that come of it.

So come on in. The company is good and the (virtual) fire is warm. We’re glad you’re here.


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