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What Are Your Favorite Podcasts?

We pinged the Facebook rabbits about podcasts a while back, and got enough recommendations to keep us busy for years. Here’s what you said were your go-to favorites of the podcasting realm. What about the rest of you? 

Emily Katherine Hawes: seanwes podcast: Good inspiration and motivation to work with excellence and diligence.

Sara Masaryk: CiRCE Institute and Read Read-Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie – they just hit the sweet spot for this homeschool bookish mama.

Heather R Sparkman: 1. What Should I Read Next? 1. Snap Judgment/This American Life/The Moth Radio Hour 3. Baseball Tonight/Mike and Mike in the Morning.

Adam R. Nettesheim: Phil Vischer Podcast, Thomas McKenzies Redeemercast, Hutchmoot talk archives… these are some of the ones I come back to.

Nina Coyle: On Being – Krista Tippett

Jennifer Himes: I listen to Chris Oatley’s ArtCast and the lessons on Oatley Academy. Also, Jason Brubaker’s YouTube videos about making comics have been nice. Sometimes I listen to Getting “Felt” Up, a puppetry podcast. They have great interviews of pro puppeteers.

Debbie Jarman Stevenson: I love the liturgist

Kat KB: I can’t listen to podcasts while I work. If one set of information/dialogue is going into my brain, my brain isn’t free to create/articulate other information.

Rebecca Reynolds: I need to get into podcasts. Mostly Tim Keller and Radiolab right now. I tend to be such an audio book / audio course person….

April Lawrence Pickle: I love listening to morning prayer and evening prayer when I take walks. I don’t think it helps me get through the day, though. It’s more of a reminder that that whole day and everything it holds, has meaning. It gives me an opportunity to hear stories from Scripture, to re-affirm my faith, and to pray, all while putting my feet on the ground and looking up at the sky.

John Barber: Undisclosed Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me Filmspotting Stuff You Should Know More Perfect (from Radiolab)

April McClure Stewart: I love At Home with Sally Clarkson. Also a big fan of The Simple Show, Seminary Dropout, Shalom in the City and Pray as you Go.

Elizabeth M. Simmons: So many choices…which makes my commute all the more enjoyable! Here are my current favs… ~The West Wing Weekly ~Ask Me Another ~Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me ~Invisibilia ~Embedded ~Serial ~The Way I Heard It

Kristal Ragsdale: Sandals Church sermons, and Serial.

Kathy Frazier Goodpastor: I love Ravi Z’s LET MY PEOPLE THINK

David Mitchel: Ken Myers’s Mars Hill Audio.

Lyndsay Walker Slaten: Radiolab.

Debi Adamson Zahn: A Delectable Education

Julie Stuber: ^^^ delectable education! Yay! and I listen to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh Demoss Wogulmuth very nearly every day. Such good stuff. There’s more I like, but not daily.

Jessica Winkler Boniface: The Phil Vischer podcast and the Relevant podcast are my mainstays. I will also listen to Sally Clarkson’s podcast, Know Your Food with Wardee, Inspired to Action, and Your Morning Basket.

Caroline Kraft: I’m a *budding* podcast listener. Read Aloud Revival, The Simple Show, Lux Radio Theater and, of course, The Rabbit Room.

Diana Bridge: Symphony Space in evenings. And for Daily Office The Trinity Mission every day.

Bailey Gillespie: Annie Downs’ “That Sounds Fun,” Jaime Ivey’s “Happy Hour,” The Rabbit Room (of course), Jeff Goins’ “The Portfolio Life,” and my church’s (Bridgeway Christian Church) sermons by Lance Hahn.

Dustin Scott: Phil vischer Rabbit room (please make more regular!) Sermons, mostly Matt Chandler Pixar podcast And recently listened to some of the Faith and Life Lectures and really enjoyed those.

Jessica Lee: This American Life, Serial, Radiolab, More Perfect, Invisibilia, Revisionist History, Mystery Show

Kristen Pittman: Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me, Myths and Legends (the full versions of and often the historical stories behind many myths, legends, and fairy tales), Off Camera with Sam Jones, and many of the ones already mentioned above.

David Larson: Under The Radar, TrueFace podcast, The Allender Center podcast.


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