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Habit Podcast Transcripts

You can access a folder with the complete list of transcripts by clicking here.

Season One

Episode 1: Katy Bowser Hutson

Episode 2: Pete Peterson

Episode 3: Jennifer Trafton

Episode 4: Christopher Williams

Episode 5: Claire Gibson

Episode 6: Russ Ramsey

Episode 7: Doug McKelvey

Episode 8: Helena Sorensen

Episode 9: Kristy Dempsey

Episode 10: Shawn Smucker

Episode 11: Karen Swallow Prior

Episode 12: Joseph Patton

Episode 13: Mary Laura Philpott

Episode 14: Jessica Hooten Wilson

Episode 15: Mark Meynell

Episode 16: Rebecca Reynolds

Episode 17: Randall Goodgame

Episode 18: Sarah Mackenzie

Episode 19: James K. A. Smith

Episode 20: Jonny Jimison

Episode 21: Drew Miller

Episode 22: Maryrose Wood

Episode 23: John Hendrix

Episode 24: JJ Heller

Episode 25: Ron Block

Episode 26: Tish Harrison Warren with Doug McKelvey

Episode 27: Christie Purifoy

Episode 28: Chris Wall

Episode 29: S. D. Smith

Episode 30: Don Pape

Season Two

Episode 1: Andrew Peterson

Episode 2: Harrison Scott Key

Episode 3: Meredith McDaniel

Episode 4: Heidi Johnston

Episode 5: Lore Ferguson Wilbert

Episode 6: Elyse Fitzpatrick & Eric Schumacher

Episode 7: Seth Haines Wakes Up

Episode 8: Jen Pollock Michel Waxes Paradoxical

Episode 9: Remembering Charles Portis, with David Kern

Episode 10: Francis Su Re-Enchants Mathematics

Episode 11: A 2008 Wingfeather Release Day Review (Bonus Episode)

Episode 12: Lee Camp’s Controversial Orthodoxies

Episode 13: Trillia Newbell Endures

Episode 14: Jeremy Casella Knows What to Do with Hurt

Episode 15: Ned Bustard

Episode 16: Nancy Guthrie

Episode 17: Laura Fabrycky

Episode 18: Scott James

Episode 19: Malcolm Guite

Episode 20: Diana Glyer

Episode 21: Leif Enger

Episode 22: Karen Swallow Prior

Episode 23: Scott Sauls

Episode 24: Michael Ward

Episode 25: Amy Alznauer

Episode 26: Jericho Brown (feat. Matt Conner)

Episode 27: Emily P. Freeman

Episode 28: Claire Holley

Episode 29: Andrew Osenga

Episode 30: Cindy Bunch

Episode 31: Sandra McCracken

Episode 32: Christine Flanagan

Episode 33: Daniel Darling

Episode 34: Gina Dalfonzo

Episode 35: Vesper Stamper

Episode 36: Ross King

Episode 37: Irwyn Ince

Episode 38: Marilyn McEntyre

Episode 39: Barnabas Piper

Episode 50: Reagan Dregge

Episode 51: Renee Mathis

Season Three

Episode 1: Joel Clarkson

Episode 2: Ruth Naomi Floyd

Episode 3: Matthew Clark

Episode 4: Lisa Deam

Episode 5: Tish Harrison Warren

Episode 6: Jen Pollock Michel

Episode 7: W. David O. Taylor

Episode 8: Benjamin Myers

Episode 9: Kristin Kobes Du Mez

Episode 10: Hannah Anderson

Episode 11: Winn Collier

Episode 12: Andrew Peterson and Friends

Episode 13: The Hobbit Podcast (feat. Malcolm Guite)

Episode 14: Doug McKelvey

Episode 15: Rachel Pieh Jones

Episode 16: Stephen Roach

Episode 17: Janna Barber

Episode 32: Diana Glyer

Episode 33: Bill Haslam

Episode 34: Carolyn C. Givens on Rosefire & Bandersnatch Books

Episode 35: Taylor Leonhardt Holds Still

Episode 36: The Gray Havens Feel Sehnsucht

Season Four

Episode 1: Justin Whitmel Earley and Better Habits

Episode 2: Amy Baik Lee Notices Small Splendors

Episode 3: Kelly Kapic is Lacking

Episode 4: David French Tries to Move the Elephant

Episode 5: Philip Yancey Is Still Amazed by Grace

Episode 6: Lisa Sharon Harper Closes the Narrative Gap

Episode 7: Dorena Williamson Builds Bridges

Episode 8: Christie Purifoy Plants Flowers

Episode 9: Curt Thompson Puts Himself in the Path of Oncoming Beauty

Episode 11: Caroline Cobb Stopped Striving

Episode 12: Russ Ramsey Wants You to Love Art

Transcripts made by Jen Yokel and Evelyn Maina.

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