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A Liturgy for the Resurrection of Faith by Dorothy Sayers

This liturgy is taken from Every Moment Holy Volume 3 from Rabbit Room Press. You can find more liturgies like these at


Resurrection of Faith
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By Dorothy Sayers

Victorious Christ, 

whom we these many years 

have crucified  

and with sweet spices laid 

in the strong bands of the grave:  

Appear, thou risen from the dead, 

and come, and go before


Thou of our fragrant

memorials  hast no need; thou

art alive,  

thy wounded feet are swift  

upon the ways of the world, 

thy smitten hands outstretched 

for the healing of the nations. 

Startle us awake, immortal Splendour; 

open our eyes to see that already the

stone is rolled away from the sepulcher. 


Quicken our ears to hear  

the proclamation of thine angel.  

Fill us with thy Holy Ghost, 

that is the breath of life,  

for our false gods  

are sick and dying,  

and for them is no resurrection. 


Thee only the tomb cannot hold;  

in all the earth none liveth  

but only thou,  

that with the Father  

and the Holy Ghost  

livest and reignest,  

world without end. 



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