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Announcing Housemoot—A Pop-Up Hutchmoot Conference in Your Own Home

What is Housemoot?

Every October, the Rabbit Room hosts a conference called Hutchmoot. It’s an opportunity for people from far and wide to gather in Nashville to celebrate art, music, story, and faith.

This year we are also offering Housemoot, a “Hutchmoot kit” that you can use to create a “moot” experience of your own during the weekend of Hutchmoot (October 5-8). We are offering these resources to be a gathering point for your community. Housemoot is a collection of some of our favorite lectures, concerts, and activities that you can use to connect with people in your own communities.

What to Expect

The main Housemoot site will open on September 18, with hopes that will give you enough time to plan a local gathering to coincide with Hutchmoot on the weekend of October 5-8. Members and ticket-holders will have access to Housemoot through November. 

On the Housemoot site, you’ll find over 15 hours of lectures and artistic interludes in three categories:

  1. Art & Artists

  2. Bible & Theology

  3. Hospitality & Community

You’ll get access to a curated collection of pre-recorded lectures from some of our favorite writers, artists, theologians, and musicians including Makoto Fujimura (via Trinity Forum), Russell Moore, Karen Swallow Prior (via Trinity Forum), Andrew Peterson, Tim Mackie, Ruth Naomi Floyd, Doug McKelvey (via Anselm Society), Malcolm Guite, and others.

Using the Resources to Build a Pop-up Gathering With Your Community

This is not your normal web conference.

We would like to challenge you to use Housemoot as a “gathering point” for your community (no matter the size). That is why Housemoot is more than lectures. We have included recipes, art, and a gathering guide with practical tips on how to open your home during the event.

In short, you can make Housemoot whatever you want it to be. You can pick a single lecture to watch and discuss with your friends over a meal. You could make a day of it, watching several videos and letting the ideas wash over your community. Or you could use Housemoot as a way to build your own weekend conference, gathering friends and neighbors to engage with the content in an even deeper way.

As a part of Housemoot, you’ll get:

  1. Access to 18 lectures and videos (over 15 hours worth).

  2. Three beautiful “artistic interludes” comprised of songs, poems, and a bit of humor.

  3. A Gathering Guide with information on how to prepare to open your home during Housemoot.

Buying a Ticket or Becoming a Member

There are two ways to join Housemoot, buying a ticket or becoming a Rabbit Room member.

Tickets cost:

$19 per person

$29 for a family and friends (5-10)

$49 for a group (10+)

$99 for churches and large-group gatherings (50+)

Instead of Buying a Ticket, Join the Rabbit Room Membership

Because our Rabbit Room members are at the heart of funding all our programs and resources, members can access Housemoot at the group level at no additional cost (a $49 value).

If you’re interested in supporting the work of the Rabbit Room and receiving any of the benefits below, join the membership now.

In addition to accessing Housemoot 2023, members receive quarterly gifts like our annual mug, early access to courses and lectures, monthly updates with backstage looks, and other goodies and experiences.

If you choose to opt into the membership instead of buying a ticket to Housemoot, we’ll send you the password for the Housemoot site and everything you need to join the Housemoot experience when you join.


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