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AP and the CC on YouTube

These videos were just brought to my attention.

They’re from a show called Faith Café, hosted by Scott Denté. I’d never met him before this taping, but I really liked him a lot. Anyway, the first video is of me, Ben and Andy G. playing an acoustic version of the song “The Far Country”, and the second is “I’ve Got News”, which will be on Resurrection Letters, Vol. II.

Speaking of which, I had a great meeting with the folks at the potential record label today (I’d leave off the word “potential”, but I’ve been a part of the music business for long enough that I know not to assume anything’s going to happen until the day after it actually happens). They seem to be great people, and I look forward to working with them to get this record into your hands in the best way possible.

Oh, and the Resurrection Letters Tour 2008 was wonderful. Thanks to all the churches and promoters who took a chance on a new idea for a concert, and to all the people who showed up. I pray that the music and the readings helped you to remember all over again how deep, wide, and high is the love the Father has for us.

Hope you like the videos.


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