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Colony House Live

In Nashville, on July 22nd, Andrew and I celebrated the conclusion of our journey creating The Warden and the Wolf King. That same night, another group of young men celebrated the launch of a new journey. Colony House, a rock band made up of brothers Caleb and Will Chapman and friend Scott Mills, threw a party for the release of their first album, When I Was Younger.

I could tell it pained Andrew that he wasn’t able to attend their release party. The next morning when Gina and I left the Peterson’s to return to Ohio, Andrew gave me some parting gifts, and among them was Colony House’s new album.

It took me only two listens to realize that I had just been handed one of the finest albums I’ve heard in a decade. Fine from start to finish. Each track unique yet cohesive and tied together with common threads of longing, heartache, hope, and the understanding that the only real control we have is in letting go.

As I listened, I wondered how well they could perform such heartfelt music in a live setting, and this past Wednesday evening, Gina and I were afforded the opportunity to experience just that. It was the final night of the band’s two-month, nationwide tour with indie-pop rockers, Knox Hamilton.

Colony House entered the stage amid an abstract soundtrack in the vein of the album’s title track, and they wasted no time before diving into their indie-rock anthem, “Keep On Keeping On.” I had no idea there would be such raw energy in their live show. They kept the energy high by transitioning seamlessly into “Second Guessing Games.” The audience obviously had some fans among them, and I could hear them singing out the choruses to each song.

As they performed my personal favorite, “Caught Me By Surprise,” Caleb Chapman sang with trained control, never losing his attitude of joy and youthfulness. This youthfulness hit its peak during their rootsy, rock beast “220,” with Will Chapman beating the drums with fury and guitarist Scott Mills nailing his Hendrix-like guitar tags amid the pounding low end battery. It all blended in perfectly with the ebb and flow of the set.

After their final song ended, and the crowd chanted their plea for “One more song!” they shyly returned, sans their tour bassist, to gift us with an intimate and somewhat tribal rendition of “Moving Forward.” The crowd was moved. Hands were raised in surrender. Voices were lifted in personal triumph. It was glorious.

Gina and I had fun speaking with Caleb as the club closed down, all of us enjoying how small the world truly is. Even more thrilling, Colony House is hitting the road again this month, and returning to my city where Gina and I will no doubt be in attendance again. If they are coming to a venue near you, don’t miss it.

[Colony House’s Caleb Chapman is in the line-up for tonight’s edition of The Local Show. There are only a few tickets still available. Get yours here.]


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