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Comprehensive Spirituality with Ellis Potter

[Editor's note: This lecture was given at L'Abri Fellowship. You can also read Ellis' new book on the topic, Comprehensive Spirituality.]

What is more spiritual, peeling a potato or praying? If we were to grow spiritually, what would that look like? Do we become more transcendent and less visible as we become more spiritual?

This lecture explores the spiritual nature of people as originally created by God and the spirituality of the resurrected Christ. In it, Ellis Potter unpacks what it means that Christ is lord over all of life, not just some small "spiritual" segment of it.


Ellis Potter is a Christian minister, counselor, and teacher. He worked for many years with Francis Schaeffer at L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland and was the pastor of the Basel Christian Fellowship for ten years. He has published several books and teaches all over the world.


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