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Flesh – Track 3: “We Are Not Children Anymore”

This was kind of a gut reaction song. The past few years saw a lot of tragedy in my community. A lot of divorce and deep hurts. Some of these felt like they couldn’t be helped. You grieved but you understood.

And sometimes, from the outside anyway, it looked like somebody was just deciding to be selfish, knowing that it was destroying other people.

In those moments, it’s rarely wise, but you just want to shout “Grow up!” So I put it in a song that, as usual, ends up being more about me and my own issues than anybody else’s.

“We Are Not Children Anymore” from Andrew Osenga’s Flesh EP [audio:ChildrenAnymore.mp3]

we can fake, we can fall, we can follow we can change on a dime we can gripe, we can grow, we can be strong we don’t get what we want

we are not children anymore we are not children, no we are not children anymore

sun falls harder where there’s no good water and the sins of fathers fall on sons and daughters so grow up

we can plan, we can play, we can pretend there would be no regrets we got years full of pain we can still feel that we can not forget


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