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Introducing Tales of Hibaria: The Master of Tides

Our good friend Jamin Still is back with further adventures in the fantastical world of Hibaria in his forthcoming full-length novel, Tales of Hibaria: The Master of Tides. With a new Kickstarter campaign, Jamin is now offering readers the chance to be the first to receive the new book along with several other exciting offers.

If you’ve been around the Rabbit Room for any length of time, you likely already know Jamin’s work—whether from his writings on the blog, his podcast “The Artists &” with Kyra Hinton, or his artwork as an incredibly gifted painter/illustrator. We loved his previous book, Tales of Hibaria: The Awakening, and look forward to immersing ourselves in his latest work coming this fall.

In order to get more perspective on his vision and work, Jamin recently sat down with Kyra Hinton to talk more about his love of fantasy, why he’s so compelled by magic, and the story that unfolds in Master of Tides.

If you want to listen to the audio interview only.


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