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Introducing Taste and See

Every once in a while, the Rabbit Room team has the good fortune of crossing paths with someone whose creative work is shockingly aligned with our own. These moments re-invigorate us not only in our own mission and vision, but in the desire to share the good and lasting work of kindred spirits far and wide. Most recently, this wonderful convergence has taken place with Andrew Brumme, who is directing a new documentary series called Taste and See that will blow your mind and change the way you think about breakfast.

If, in some blessed alternate universe, Robert Farrar Capon had decided to make a documentary with Terrence Malick, guided by the foundational wisdom of Wendell Berry, then they would have made something like the pilot of Taste and See. Yes, it’s that amazing. Put more succinctly, and in the words of the official website, Taste and See “explores the spirituality of food with farmers, chefs, bakers and winemakers engaging with food as a profound gift from God. Their lives in the fields, in the kitchen and around the table serve as a meditation on the beauty, mystery and wonder to be found in every meal.”

The first and most obvious thing to do once we got in touch with Andrew Brumme was to host a special preview screening at North Wind Manor. We held that event in March, and its success indicated to us that we weren’t the only ones who were smitten with this entire project—tickets to the event sold out swiftly and those in attendance fell in love with the film. And now, we’re inviting you to see it as well.

You see, one of the most exciting parts about this new documentary series is the way the filmmakers have chosen to go about sharing it. In keeping with the spirit of the project, they have opted to premiere the pilot film in a series of virtual screenings beginning June 3rd and lasting two weeks. But these screenings consist of so much more than just sitting in front of your TV—the Rabbit Room has partnered with Andrew to create an event guide for your own Taste and See evening with your friends and family, in person or virtually. With your virtual ticket, you’ll receive several discussion questions to explore with your friends after the screening as well as a simple and thematically significant recipe you can try out together as a way of embodying the core values of the film.

Plus, each screening will be followed by a panel discussion with director Andrew Brumme, author Norman Wirzba, and Rabbit Room founder and president Andrew Peterson, moderated by Lindsey Patton.

Expect to hear plenty more from us about Taste and See over the next few weeks leading up to the screenings. We’ll be sharing an in-depth interview between Andrew Brumme and our content developer Drew Miller, a sneak peek into the panel discussion mentioned above, a lovingly crafted review of the pilot film, and more. Stay tuned!


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