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Introducing Hutchmoot: Homebound Rundowns

Hutchmoot: Homebound attendees, check your email inbox! Our inaugural rundown has been sent. With it in hand, you’ll be well on your way to navigating the vast terrain of discovery and surprise that is the Hutchmoot: Homebound website. Not sure what a Rundown is? Allow us to explain.

In the weeks leading up to Hutchmoot: Homebound, all attendees will receive periodic emails (dubbed “Rundowns”) from us about what to expect. If you’ve registered for the conference, there are even a few ways that you can get started with your experience right now!

Here’s a screenshot of our first Rundown email:

(Pssst, Rundowns may end up in that pesky “promotions” folder, so be sure to check there if it’s not in your inbox.)

Not yet a Hutchmoot: Homebound attendee? Get your ticket at

We’ll see you in October!

Rabbit Room Members, Guess What!

We’ll have some fun, special Hutchmoot content for members again this year! As for what it is? You’ll just have to wait—or become a member—to find out.

If you want to learn more about what membership means you can read about it on the blog or on our Become a Member page.


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