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Introducing the Rabbit Room Discovery Playlist

The world is filled with so much music. As a music and arts enthusiast, it’s hard to make sense of the constant noise. Where do you start? How do you keep up? In the streaming and digital era, it’s hard enough to keep up with your favorite artists, let alone try to discover new favorites. It’s for this reason we’ve created the Rabbit Room Discovery playlist.

While you’ll always see familiar names like Andrew Peterson or Taylor Leonhardt or the Gray Havens on the Discovery playlist whenever they release new music, we also have our ears to the ground for something new. Something hopeful, soulful, graceful—something that leads us deeper in our love of God and neighbor. And so our hope with the Rabbit Room Discovery playlist is that you’ll be encouraged by the wonderful music your favorite artists have to share with the world, and too, that your new favorite artist might be discovered right around the corner.

For weekly updates every Friday, make sure you Follow the Rabbit Room Discovery playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.

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