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Join the Rabbit Room Story—Giving Tuesday 2023

"True, lasting healing comes when we step away from the old life and into a more spacious place. This is what the Rabbit Room has been for us..."

-Elizabeth Maxon, Rabbit Room supporter & member.

We at the Rabbit Room are no strangers to the power of stories and the role they play in shaping our lives. Today is Giving Tuesday and we are using the special day as a moment to invite you to enter the story of the Rabbit Room through giving.

Your contribution helps us expand old projects and launch new ones—all in order to create and curate gospel-infused stories, music, and art, for the life of the world.

With your help this Giving Tuesday, we are able to dream bigger in our pursuit of that worthwhile mission!


We asked a few of our members to share their story as to why they felt called to give to the Rabbit Room.

Here is Elizabeth Maxon's story.

"Hi, my name is Elizabeth Maxon. I’m from the little college town of Clemson, South Carolina and I'm a Rabbit Room supporter.

Several years ago, I was standing in my front yard with Jonathan Rogers, who had just led a writer’s workshop in my home, when he looked at me and said – 'Have you heard of the Rabbit Room?'A few months later I was registered for my first Hutchmoot and officially a member of the Rabbit Room.

The Rabbit Room community regularly meets me in the trenches of motherhood and ministry. My husband and I work with couples in crisis and people imprisoned by addiction. We’ve found that it is not enough to help them find freedom FROM whatever has entangled them. They also need to embrace their freedom TO live a brand new life. It has been true in our own lives as well.

True, lasting healing comes when we step away from the old life and into a more spacious place. This is what the Rabbit Room has been for us – like a doorway leading to a wide open space where the goodness, beauty, and truth of the gospel is not only experienced but engaged. It has transformed our lives and the lives of our children.

Every story and song, every illustration and interaction, is a creative expression of God’s deep love for us and an invitation to participate in the continuous recreation of that love. For this reason, we are committed to supporting the Rabbit Room forever and interacting with this community as often as possible. Sometimes this simply looks like listening to podcasts or reading the member emails for recommendations of great films or books. Other times it is planning a family vacation to Nashville to attend The Local Show, a Rabbit Room theater production live, or just spending a morning visiting and dreaming with our friends at North Wind Manor (the kids particularly enjoy slipping into the Harry Potter hideout under the stairs and I particularly enjoy sitting by Tolkien’s fireplace in deep conversation with Elly or Rachel or a new friend I’ve met). We’ve even brought some of the Rabbit Room musicians (like Skye Peterson) to South Carolina for shows!

If you’re looking for something to breathe new life into your work, your family, your very soul – I think you’ll find it here with us. It is the kindest, most welcoming bunch of imperfect, but committed, kingdom builders I’ve found. I hope you know you’re welcome too!


Here is supporter Cathy McKeon:

"We love and support the Rabbit Room for its dedication to Christ-centered community and its nurturing of creativity in the arts, but more than that... It has been such a gift to find this welcoming, generous, and hospitable creative community.

We entered long ago through the doors of music and story, but I’ve become more involved through Hutchmoot and zoom calls (member, artists &, and the Poetry Pub groups) and the friendships formed there. I have been inspired by getting to know artists who are living out their callings excellently and unto the glory of God, and I have been challenged and deeply encouraged in my own creative work and faith in Christ by amazing friends who are walking with me on this road. We are so grateful to be able to participate in the life of this community and in the work of the Kingdom."


Here is the Larson family:

"We have been members and supporters of The Rabbit Room for many years, after first being introduced to this community through the music of Andy and Jill. Our girls read “The Hiding Place” and became obsessed with Corrie Ten Boom, so when The Rabbit Room Theatre put on the play, Eraina and Lucy travelled from Texas to Nashville for the show. It was a highlight of the year. These nights and books and prayers and music are all little conversations that together have a big impact on our family. The Rabbit Room has been a steady help as we encourage imagination and joy and whimsy in our children and pursue what is “good, true and beautiful” together as a family. We are delighted to be members of The Rabbit Room and cheer on this great work.'


You can join these folks and support the Rabbit Room by giving today.


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