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Living Letters: Live on April 11th

A very special show is coming to Brentwood, Tennessee on April 11th, called Living Letters. Featuring Broadway actors Juliette and Stephen Trafton, Living Letters presents dynamic, interactive performances that enable audiences to enter imaginatively into the drama of Scripture. This particular show will center around Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

As we have discussed here on The Rabbit Room blog, our experience of Scripture as inhabitants of our 21st-century American culture is radically different and far-removed from that of those who lived at the time of its writing.

Nowhere is this more true than in the letters of the New Testament, which would have been read aloud to specific communities of people. As the website of Living Letters eloquently puts it, “What we’ve lost is the ability to experience Scripture in the powerful way its first readers and hearers experienced it—as a living word spoken directly to particular communities with particular struggles, questions, fears, and hopes.”

And watch the video below to get a taste of the event.

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