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Local Show Playlist: April 16th, 2019

Now available for streaming are songs from April 16th’s Local Show, both on Spotify and Apple Music! Click through for our fifth playlist of the season along with a recap of the night written by Jared Malament, patron saint of the Local Show.

The most recent edition of the Local Show featured the gifts of Leslie Jordan (of All Sons & Daughters), Christopher Williams, Frankie Barranco, Taylor Leonhardt and special guest LOVKN. They opened their hearts to us with tales of learning the stories of absent parents, the struggles of knowing our own worth, and the five stages of grief. Taylor Leonhardt opened the show with her song “Everything,” a perfect reminder of Christ’s sacrifice during Holy Week’s lead-up to the Easter season.

—Jared Malament

Set List

Taylor Leonhardt: “Everything” Frankie Barranco: “For You O God Will Be My Strength” (unreleased) Christopher Williams: “Gather” Leslie Jordan: “I Wait”

Taylor Leonhardt: “Hard Conversation” (unreleased) Frankie Barranco: “Autumn” (unreleased) Christopher Williams: “Because You Are” Leslie Jordan: “Suzy Rain” (unreleased)

LVKN: “Pilot of My Own Life” (unreleased) LVKN: “Go Easy on Me” (unreleased)

Taylor Leonhardt: “Diamonds” Frankie Barranco: “Depression (Standing)” (unreleased) Christopher Williams: “I Cannot Know You” Leslie Jordan: “Instruments of Peace” (unreleased)

Taylor Leonhardt: “Poetry” (unreleased) Frankie Barranco: “Acceptance (Breath In, Breathe Out)” (unreleased) Christopher Williams: “The River” Leslie Jordan: “Ever Flowing Fountain” (unreleased)


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