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Local Show Playlist: February 19th, 2019

Last fall, Jared Malament began the ingenious practice of compiling Spotify playlists after each Local Show, making the featured songs publicly available for all to listen. With his help, we are continuing this tradition for the spring season of the Local Show, accompanied by Jared’s description of the evening and what made it memorable.

“The Local Show kicked off this year with old favorites like Cindy Morgan, Ron Block, Jeff Taylor, and the proprietor himself, Andrew Peterson.

However, the surprise highlight of the evening was Jeff Taylor’s guest, Dennis Parker, who’s recently played with Ricky Skaggs. If you closed your eyes during Parker’s cover of “Frozen Man” by James Taylor (no relation to Jeff) you might just have thought you were listening to the man himself. The rest of the night was filled with songs and stories of parenting and Alzheimer’s, of air conditioning units and Kentucky weddings. It was a delightful start to a new season of shows.”

—Jared Malament


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