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Love Never Ends: Meet The Corner Room

When it comes to worship music, there’s no better place to start than Scripture. The Psalms give voice to our deepest longings and highest praise, and the words of truth are words of beauty. Sometimes, familiar passages lose a little magic in their familiarity though, but a different approach can give them new life.

If you love 1 Corinthians 13 but are starting to see it as “the wedding passage,” then perhaps a fresh take on old words is just what you need. The Corner Room has done just that with their brief and lovely composition Love Never Ends.

Using the words directly from the ESV, Adam Wright and the worship collective from Cahaba Park Church in Birmingham, AL build familiar words into a lush, symphonic 12 minute suite. Blending piano with strings arranged by Grammy-nominated composer/arranger Don Hart, the familiar words sway, dance, and skip along with a haunting melody, breathing new life into this timeless passage.

This isn’t The Corner Room’s first venture into Scripture-based songwriting though. They’ve also released a collection of 10 Psalms set to music in Psalm Songs Volume 1. Here’s their take on Psalm 23. Not only is the music beautifully composed, letting the words shine on their own, but the videos are beautifully made too, turning the words themselves into art.

If you’re looking for a way to mix more Scripture into your life, whether as a soundtrack to prayer or a place in the rhythm of your days, The Corner Room is an artist worth getting to know. You can learn more and buy their music at their website.


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