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1. We’ve shot a lot of video that we just haven’t had time to edit into bits yet. Hopefully when we get home the pace will slow enough that we can goof around with the videos more.

2. We’re finishing up a Ben Shive-penned Christmas song for Centricity’s upcoming sequel to their Bethlehem Skyline compilation. It’s called “Long, Long Ago,” and it shore is purty.

3. This afternoon we drive 4.5 hours back to Seattle, then tomorrow we fly home. As beautiful as the Cascades are, I miss my family and our little hill at the Warren.

4. I’m humbled and amazed by Ben, Andy, and Gabe. Awesome fellas, excellent musicians, and great friends. May we still be making music together when we’re octogenarians. (And Todd Robbins is pretty awesome, too.)

5. Did I mention that the title of the album is The Last Frontier?

Here’s the potential song list, which will be pared down to ten. What doesn’t make the cut will appear on Appendix D, or J, or whatever.

Many Roads

Fool With A Fancy Guitar

Dancing in the Minefields

The Same Song

God of My Fathers

The Reckoning

The Magic Hour

The Last Frontier

Planting Trees

World Traveler

You Came So Close

In the Night My Hope Lives On

The Isle of Skye


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