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New Music from The Corner Room

If you’re looking for some new music for the Easter season, our friends at The Corner Room have a new album out this month! Following the tradition of their Psalms records and Love Never Ends, With His Wounds We Are Healed is a musical interpretation of Isaiah 53, told in five elegantly arranged movements.

For the past several years, The Corner Room (a worship collective from Cahaba Park Church in Birmingham, AL) have set out to connect music to Scripture, word for word. With His Wounds takes every word from Isaiah 53 and sets the somber passage against a warm, hopeful folk backdrop. As a bonus, the album includes all the instrumental tracks, so you can enjoy the beautiful arrangements on their own.

From the first swelling strings of Movement 1 to the triumphant buildup and final bells that close the album, this is a lovely soundtrack for meditating on Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection this Easter season.

Get to know The Corner Room at their website and pick up a copy of the album at The Rabbit Room store.


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