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New Playlist: Songs That Make Us Smile

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve felt claustrophobic over the last couple of months. Being at home more has made inescapable my untidiness and disorganization. Clutter crowds my hallway, and dust can no longer be swept under the rug. I’ve noticed how this new reality has affected my listening habits. Dusty, grimy hip-hop samples and lo-fi bedroom pop quietly comfort me from a pair of headphones, reminding me that others, too, feel claustrophobic.

The last week or so, I’ve been craving something else though. The weather has been gorgeous. Outside my isolated apartment, creation is rejoicing in vibrant greens and yellows and purples. Sparrows and blue jays sing at the top of their lungs, while our neighborhood mallard couple goes for a daily stroll down the creek and chipmunks skitter across walkways, cheeks filled with crunchy delights. “All is well,” they remind me, and I can’t help but smile. If creation can rejoice, dance, and sing in the midst of a pandemic, so can I.

So today, I’m going to turn on all the lights. I’m going to take off my headphones, and play music—happy music—as loudly as I can. I’m going to laugh with silly songs and dance with my five-month-old. I’m going to drive with all the windows down and sing “Walking On Sunshine” as obnoxiously as I can.

Because all is well.

Thanks to all who contributed to this Rabbit Room playlist: Helena Aman, Janna Barber, John Barber, Jeremy Casella, Shigé Clark, Matt Conner, Randall Goodgame, Steve Guthrie, Lanier Ivester, J Lind, Drew Miller, Kelsey Miller, Eric Peters, Pete Peterson, Jill Phillips, Andrew Russell, Annaleigh Thiessen, Leslie Thompson, Jennifer Trafton, Kirby Waggoner, Hetty White, Chris Yokel, Jen Yokel


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