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New Release: In the Round, Vol. 1

Almost four years ago, we published our first issue of The Molehill. The intent for the book, an anthology, was that it would give us an opportunity to showcase the works of different people in the community and hopefully introduce readers to writer’s they hadn’t encountered before. The Molehill, Vol. 4 is now in the making, and I think it’s safe to say the series is a success.

So let me introduce In the Round, Vol. 1. Think of it as The Molehill for musicians. We’ve pulled together a compilation album from within the Rabbit Room community in the hopes that it will not only be a fun collection of music, but that it will give you a first taste of a talented bunch of musicians that you might not have heard before.

So what’s on the album? Something for everyone, we hope. There are brand new songs from Randall Goodgame (w/Pierce Pettis), Arthur Alligood, and Ron Block. There are a few old classics from Andy Gullahorn, Eric Peters, and Jill Phillips (and a new classic from Andrew Osenga). There’s a track from Andrew Peterson that you’ve probably heard at the Ryman, but you won’t find on any album—and similarly, a song from Son of Laughter that has yet to appear on any record. Then there’s a great bunch of music from folks you may not be so familiar with, talented songwriters like Buddy Greene, Ellie Holcomb, and Melanie Penn.

We also want to showcase some new blood. Volume 1 includes debut tracks from Service Unicorn and Cardiff State, good friends here in Nashville. All told, In the Round is an album packed with 14 tracks, and it’s on sale now for the reasonable price of just ten bucks. We hope you enjoy the music. And while you’re listening, we’ll get to work on Volume 2.


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