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New Son of Laughter Video: “The Gardener”

We’ve got a fun New Year’s Eve surprise for you: a new video of Chris Slaten performing his song “The Gardener,” live in the studio.

“This past summer we videoed this performance of ‘The Gardener’ at As Elyzum studios, the creative home of my producer, Stephen Nichols, where we tracked the original recording for the album No Story is Over. It marked the first time that I had the chance to play the song with both the cellist, Mark Rico, and the violinist, Elise Ziegenbein, in person because Elise originally recorded her violin parts remotely from a closet in her home in Palo Alto, California. I also talked one of my good friends, Nathan Shirai, into coming over at the last minute to keep time on the back of an old guitar. After spending the year playing solo house and church shows for so many of you it was a real treat to work with a band.”

—Chris Slaten


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