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New Song Premiere: “West of Nod” by Cindy Morgan

After thirteen Dove Awards and two GRAMMY nominations, Cindy Morgan’s latest batch of albums have been made as an independent artist outside the spotlight of the CCM industry—they’re likely the most artistically rich work of her career. Audiences for the 2015 Behold The Lamb of God tour will remember Cindy for her soaring voice and Americana sensibilities.

On March 8th 2019, Cindy will be releasing a new EP called Autumn & Eve, which she says is “about a merging of Old Testament struggles and modern heartache.”

She has invited Rabbit Room readers to be the first to hear her new song, “West of Nod.” Scroll down to read the lyrics and story behind the song.

Lyrics: We use to dance under the stars Bask in the warmth of his love But our skin got cold and dancing got old We needed more to dream of Over your shoulder I saw something there So hard to resist so we both thought we’d dare Remember when we had it good Walking where the angels trod Now all we talk about’s moving on East of Eden and west of Nod Lovely and red swirled in my head You said that you’d taste it too Why did we stay Why not walk away Nobody likes to be used

How I remember, wish I could forget With toil and with tears We live with regret I want to track All my steps back They say it won’t work anyway The boys fight fight I’m tired at night So much regret For just one bite

“There is no greater feeling of loss than recognizing the value of something you’ve been given—just after losing it. Many people lament the loss of a loved one they were never able to express their true feelings towards. Adam and Eve had it perfect, but perfect wasn’t enough. And so they were turned out of the garden to wander, east of Eden and west of Nod.”

—Cindy Morgan


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