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Nick Flora discusses his new EP series

Nick Flora is a storyteller, first and foremost. Whether they’re the engaging perspectives of his songs or the stories he helps to share on his popular podcast, Who Writes This Stuff, Flora uses them as vehicles to connect emotionally with his listeners, often with hefty doses of hilarity. It’s the substance of Flora’s style, a high level of creative output that’s culminated in his latest EP series.

Three new EPs are on the way from Flora, beginning with Futureboy this week, and continuing well into next year. We’ll let him tell you about the vision for the future, but you should definitely be tuned into the present with songs on Futureboy that conjure the catchy melodies of Ben Folds or Third Eye Blind while remaining as emotionally resonant as ever. We recently asked the Nashville songwriter about the trio of releases and what he does with his hyper-creativity.

Stereo Subversion: We’re looking at three consecutive EPs for you, beginning with Futureboy. What came first: the format and then the songs or did they dictate this format?

Nick Flora: The format came first. I like coming up with themes or ideas that interest me and then boxing myself in to write songs that fit that. A lot of times the theme comes from things I’m thinking a lot about currently, so confining them to a record helps me stay on track. I always have at least six or seven ideas for projects in my head at any given time, so doing three EPs over the course of a year was a fun way of exorcising them and scratching these specific itches.


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