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Record Executives Unite!

[(Warning: Bad puns incoming) Launch is imminent for our faithful astronaut and his new record — sort of. What follows is Andy Osenga’s explanation of a new twist in the album’s trajectory. Read on, and get the record while you can.]

Years ago, making a record and actually getting people to hear about it took one thing: a record label. These days, the labels are mostly gone, and in many ways they’re not missed. However, when you make a record that you feel has a ton of potential beyond your group of supporters, well, that’s when it gets tricky. Artists in my orbit, making a living but not selling out huge tours or getting on the radio, have a hard time getting their music heard outside of their normal spheres. You see, what record labels did wrong (took more than their fair share, tried to water down great artists, held records under lock and key) were the unfortunate side effects of the good that they did, mainly fronting the money for records to be made and then doing the work of getting the music out there.

Well, I believe in this record. More than anything I’ve ever done before. And I want people to hear it, and I want to be able to get enough people to shows to do some really fun stuff with production and band. So I’m trying to figure out ways to get there. And I’ve realized something. You guys funded this record, and so many of you are linking, retweeting, blogging on my behalf…


You are doing what labels used to take a chestful of money to do. And, arguably, you’re doing a better job!

All this to say, because I care about this record and want it to do well, I’m not going to release it yet.

Not completely.

Those of you who have kickstarted it will get Mp3s in the next week or so. Rabbit Room preorders will be filled shortly thereafter, and then it’ll go dark. Just like the label people had copies of our records months in advance, you guys will have it, can listen to it, get to know it, and then, if you like it and want to support it further, you can help out.

Doing a full release (indie record stores, iTunes) in September gives us a few months to get reviews in magazines and on websites, gives us time to have stories about the concept and the building of the ship told in newspapers and local publications, gives us time to generate some excitement for the project.

So thank you for your patience and support (some of you paid for this record A YEAR AGO!), and I hope you just love it. I do. I’ve never been more excited about a project. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it in the weeks ahead.

If you haven’t preordered yet, you have about a week and a half left! CLICK HERE!


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