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Showing the Locals

Last night’s Local Show was pretty incredible. Thanks to Andy Gullahorn for leading the team and to Jill Phillips, Jeremy Casella, and Andrew Osenga for such a great evening of music. Jill played some new songs, Andy played some funny (and some heartbreaking) songs, Osenga played an old favorite (“The Ball Game”) and some new favorites too, and Jeremy reminded everyone why Death in Reverse is such an awesome album. Special thanks to Arthur Alligood who was a good sport and played a new song when we asked him, and to Randall Goodgame for the Dylan tune. The evening wrapped up with the group covering Rich Mullins (the second Mullins cover of the night), and we even got it on video for you (sorry about the audio quality).

Thanks to all who came out to last night’s show. We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

The next show is on September 30th and features Andrew Peterson, Ben Shive, Lori Chaffer, and Buddy Greene—but there’s no telling who else may show up. Tickets are available here.


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