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Song of the Day: Eric Peters

The Song of the Day is brought to you by Eric Peters, the color orange, and the letter “B.” It’s track nine from his new record, Birds of Relocation, and here’s what Eric has to say about it:

This song is a case of marrying old lyrics to new music. I wrote these words in the summer of 2000 and originally proposed that it be on Scarce (2006), but that album’s producer didn’t seem interested in it, so I shelved it. Having always liked these lyrics, I brushed them off while writing Birds of Relocation, set them at eye level, and lovingly affirmed them–I still believe in you. After trashing an earlier, older, and, honestly, outgrown chorus, I rewrote the music entirely, and with the guidance of Andy Gullahorn, gave these lyrics a chance to finally be heard. This song, though written over ten years ago, thematically seemed to fit so well on this album. Funny how time works. And flies.

“No Stone Unturned” Eric Peters Birds of Relocation


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