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Song of the Day: Jason Gray is the newest single from Jason Gray’s record All the Lovely Losers. He wrote here in the Rabbit Room about some controversy (in the mildest sense) over the content in a few of the lines that radio stations were squeamish about sending over the airwaves. (Read Jason’s post here.) I respect Jason’s decision to change the lines so that the song (and the rest of his music) would have a shot at radio play. I respect it because I know Jason and I know that he isn’t a sellout, he isn’t changing his music so that he can make more cash, he isn’t wishy-washy on his artistic integrity–this just wasn’t a hill he was willing to die on.

Besides all that, I happen to like the new lines at least as much if not more than the originals. What I don’t like is that the punk nixed my BGVs in this new version of the song, crushing me emotionally and ruining any chance of a deeper friendship. I have feelings, Jason. Just like you. Well, not just like you, I guess, since you were so cavalier about flushing all my work down your studio toilet.

Lest my attempt at humor distract from your enjoyment of the song, I’ll end that tangent, post-haste.

I love this song. Also, my daughter loves this song. By the way, Jason’s record is for sale here in the Rabbit Room. If you’re in the market for some solid songwriting, catchy hooks, and an artist whose music tells the truth, Jason’s your guy. And if you’re a singer whose heart might be broken if your good friend eliminates your BGVs from his song, Jason is definitely not your guy.

EVERYTHING I OWN (Original lyrics) David Peightal

What would I give to be pure in heart To be pure in flesh and bone What would I give to be pure in heart I’d give everything that I own I’d rid my whole house of its demons of lust And open the windows of trust And out of those windows all fear will have flown I’d give everything that I own

What would I give for the words of God To come tumbling from the throne What would I give for the words of God I’d give everything that I own I’d open my head and they’d roll right in When I opened my mouth they’d roll out again And uproot the weeds of the deeds I have sown I’d give everything that I own

Now what would I give for my children’s strength On the day that they stand alone I mean what would I give for their strength to stand firm I’d give everything that I own I’ve wasted my life in accomplishing things Ignoring the giver of wings So Lord teach them to fly to the foot of your throne I’ll give everything that I own

All I’ve accomplished, the titles I hold My passions, position, possessions and gold To God they must look like a thimble of foam And it’s everything that I own Dirty rags are all that I own

So I stand before God with my stubble and hay He just laughs, but says there’s still a way Because “Father, Forgive” are the words Jesus moaned When He gave everything that He owned

So what would I give to be pure in heart For the known to be made unknown What would I give to be born again?

(This is a picture of my daughter Skye singing “Everything I Own” with Jason at our house one night.)


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