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Song of the Day: Jeremy Casella

Darkest Night words and music: Casella

I know that face, I know that smile Though I haven’t seen it in a little while Through your restless eyes and your heavy heart Well it’s been awhile

Just down the road, a fifteen minute drive Where it’s another day and it’s another mile And you’ve come so far just to lie so still By your father’s side

When you’re all alone and you’re counted out When you’re swallowed up inside the shadow of a doubt With your faith worn thin as your sorrows rise And you’re forced to find the words to say your last goodbye

Follow the truth or follow your heart Either way you find it’s pulling you apart There’s a silent ache that just won’t back down On your darkest night

No easy answers here, it’s such an awful mess You only question more and more the deeper that you get All that your eyes can see is the pouring rain

But our love burns brighter than this dark cloud

Your tears will be my tears Your tears, love, will be my tears On the darkest night


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