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Song of the Day: Sara Groves

The first time I ever heard Sara play live, it was at the Ryman Auditorium at a Behold the Lamb of God concert.  This was the song, from her album Add to the Beauty.  Hoo boy. (For some reason I feel like I’ve already featured this song on here once. If so, it certainly bears a second listen. It really doesn’t get much better than SG.)


Sit with me and tell me once again Of the story that’s been told us Of the power that will hold us Of the beauty, of the beauty Why it matters

Speak to me until I understand Why our thinking and creating Why our efforts of narrating About the beauty, of the beauty And why it matters

Like the statue in the park Of this war torn town And it’s protest of the darkness And the chaos all around With its beauty, how it matters How it matters

Show me the love that never fails The compassion and attention Midst confusion and dissention Like small ramparts for the soul How it matters

Like a single cup of water How it matters

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