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Thanksgiving Offerings: Hutchmoot’s “The Indispensable Feast” & Liturgies for

Happy Thanksgiving from the Rabbit Room! To celebrate, we’re re-sharing a wonderful and applicable session from this year’s Hutchmoot: Homebound called “The Indispensable Feast,” co-led by Lanier Ivester and Steve Guthrie. We’ve also made a few fitting liturgies available for free download on the Every Moment Holy website.

The Hutchmoot Podcast features some of our favorite sessions recorded at our annual conference which celebrates art, music, story, and faith in all their many intersections. Today, it is our pleasure to share a session led by Lanier Ivester and Steve Guthrie called “The Indispensable Feast” from 2021’s Hutchmoot: Homebound, in both video and audio form.

Feasting is one of the foundations of human culture, both sociologically and theologically. Steve and Lanier lay groundwork both for understanding why we feast as well as providing practical advice for the occasion.

Liturgies for Thanksgiving: Free Downloads

Whether you find yourself surrounded by loved ones, all by yourself, or somewhere in between, we hope you are able to find peace and hope this Thanksgiving. We’ve made several liturgies from Every Moment Holy available for free PDF download on the Every Moment Holy website to assist you in prayer. Click the title of the liturgy you’d like to download below, or visit to view all available liturgy downloads.

Liturgies for Thanksgiving: Every Moment Holy App

These liturgies are also accessible via the iOS app, which is especially useful if you plan to use them in group settings. And coming up on Cyber Monday (the 29th), all liturgy bundles—including the entirety of Volumes I and II of Every Moment Holywill be available for download at half price. We encourage you to take advantage of this on Monday if you’re interested in adding to your on-the-go liturgy collection.

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