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The Habit Podcast: Russell Moore

The Habit Podcast is a series of conversations with writers about writing, hosted by Jonathan Rogers. This week, Jonathan Rogers talks with Russell Moore, President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and author of The Courage to Stand: Facing Your Fear without Losing Your Soul.

In this episode, Jonathan and Dr. Moore talk about the various ways that fear presents itself to the writer, the self-sabotage of chasing relevance, the temptation to write our own life stories, and the timeless danger of trying to be no more than who your audience wants you to be.

Click here to listen to Season 2, Episode 40 of The Habit Podcast.

Transcripts are now available for The Habit Podcast. Click here to access them.

Jonathan has a new online writing course that starts on October 13th called “Writing with Feechies,” in which he will walk through the writing process for his first book, The Bark of the Bog Owl. Click here to learn more and to register.

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