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The Local Show Returns!

The Local Show returns tonight, and it’s coming back in true Nashville fashion. Guests include Buddy Greene, Jeff Taylor, Sierra Hull, Ron Block, and John Roberts—which means there probably won’t be any bluegrass.

But wait! That’s not all the news we’ve got. 

Look at these great line-ups for other shows this spring:

  1. Feb 21st: Andrew Peterson, Scott Mulvahill, Cindy Morgan, and Jon Troast

  2. Mar 7th: Andrew Peterson, Carrollton, The Arcadian Wild, Eric Peters

  3. Mar 21st: Andrew Peterson, Ellie Holcomb, The Orchardist

  4. Apr 4th: Andrew Peterson, Jason Gray, Andrew Osenga, Elenowen

  5. Apr 18th: Andrew Peterson, Jill Phillips, Andy Gullahorn, Ginny Owens

  6. May 2nd: Andrew Peterson, Caleb Chapman, Jillian Edwards, The Gray Havens

  7. May 16th: TBA


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