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The Molehill Podcast: Feelings Like Water (feat. Helena Sorensen & Adam Whipple)

Wherein Adam Whipple reads his poems “The Knowing is in Silence” and “Swimming at Meads,” Helena Sorensen reads her piece Feelings Like Water, and Drew Miller shares the third Word of Befuddlement: obloot.

Feelings Like Water first appeared on the Rabbit Room blog in November of 2018, offering the densely-packed metaphor of snow to name some of the most vulnerable and intimate motions of the soul—from birth to childhood to adolescence to adulthood. In less than one thousand words, Helena manages to illustrate the many deaths and rebirths that define a human life.

Words of Befuddlement

Words of Befuddlement is a special Molehill Podcast segment inspired by games like Dictionary and Balderdash. In fact, it’s no different, except that the word in question doesn’t exist anywhere other than in the notorious mind of Pete Peterson (so don’t go looking for it in a dictionary).

Each week, Drew Miller (host of The Molehill Podcast) will share a new Word of Befuddlement and ask you to send in your very own definition to The following week, he will read some of the definitions he received and reveal the “correct” definition as determined by Pete.

The third Word of Befuddlement, shared in today’s episode, is the noun “obloot.” You can send in your very own definition of “obloot” to Drew, and he might just read it on next week’s show. And who knows? You may even guess correctly.

Artwork by the inimitable Stephen Crotts Words of Befuddlement graphic by Mindy Cook Original Molehill Podcast theme music by Zach & Maggie

Other music featured in this episode: “Kindred Spirits” by Analog Heart “In the Shattering of Things” by Hammock


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