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The Resistance, Episode 10: Drew Holcomb

The moment he said it, I could feel its hooks sink deep.

During my conversation with Drew Holcomb, the subject turned to the reason why he made music in the first place, why he chose a life of artistic pursuits. “…I was bearing witness to something good I had seen in music and the world around me and wanting to offer that to the world.”

There it is, I thought when he first said it. I replayed it several times thereafter for the sake of memorization. The reason? I’ve felt that same impulse, too.

In that succinct, splendid statement, Holcomb described exactly why I’m even interested in putting in the work (and it’s a lot of work) for this podcast. I’ve been changed by these conversations. I’ve been inspired by this music. I’ve witnessed and wanted to share.

These days, Drew is offering much more to the world than just his music, although there’s plenty of that, too. His brand new album, Dragons, releases August 16 and is everything you’ve come to love from him (and his band, The Neighbors). He’s also curating festivals (Moon River Music Festival) and record selections (Magnolia Record Club) while making music with his wife, Ellie.

In this episode of The Resistance, Drew talks to us about the posture needed to consistently create and how he’s learned to protect that initial spark that prompted any/all of this in the first place.


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