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Wholeness on the Horizon

It is what it is?

I hurt my back again. It makes me really weak and ineffectual in many tasks. It got me thinking about my moral weakness.

My injured back is a good chance to recognize the fact of back injuries, to acknowledge my weakness, finitude, and need. It’s not an occasion to begin to make peace with pain in such a way that I embrace and advocate for back injuries. That would be perverse, against human flourishing.

My moral brokenness is a reality to mourn and reconcile in God’s merciful solution and (coming) resolution. It is not an aspiration, or an identity feature to be embraced.

A crooked line is seen as such by the existence of a straight one. A bad map doesn’t mean there are no destinations. We are going somewhere. And, while “God draws straight lines with crooked sticks,” he is remaking us into the image of his son. A holy poem.

We are bent and broken, but remade to be whole in God.

Our weaknesses in every way are a call to imagine the wholeness we are being recreated for.

In our weakness, let’s keep our eyes on the horizon, turning bent backs to the darkness. There we’ll see the sun rising on a New World and will all stand tall in that light.

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