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You Are Safe Here: A Swedish Horror Film

This week, GMA week, is notorious in Nashville and in the Christian music industry. Thousands of people, from record label employees to signed bands to bands that wish they were signed to songwriters to radio programmers to retailers, descend on this fine town and swarm the convention center and the downtown area wearing lanyards and carrying duffel bags full of free stuff.

Like most things on this good earth, GMA week has its good points and its bad points. One of the good points for we Petersons is the Swedish Invasion. A group of friends from the land of my ancestors (who work in Sweden’s music business) visits Nashville every year. They stay busy during the convention until Wednesday night, when the Dove Awards are happening. They’re not too interested in going. So for the third year in a row they’ve come over to the Peterson house for Jamie’s best version of Swedish meatballs. It’s now early Thursday morning and I’m about to go clean up the paper plates and empty water bottles, but first, in honor of our Swedish friends, I thought I’d share with you the video Andy Gullahorn made during our last tour in Sweden. Enjoy. And beware.


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