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Meet Jade

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed watching people connect through the Rabbit Room’s offerings over the years. It’s like watching the birth of Narnia unfold. Something good is about to happen and I get a front row seat.”

Jade discovered the Rabbit Room in 2010 and has since been an active participant dedicated to supporting the life of the Rabbit Room. She instantly saw value in the mission and herself in the work. The rest is history.


"The way the Rabbit Room sows hope through quality stories of all mediums is something I want to be a part of. It’s been a joy to serve those that are making the effort to create beauty in a world that often feels dark and unkind. It makes me feel like I’m doing something to push back against the darkness in my own corner of the world and that brings me deep joy."


In particular, Jade enjoyed the fruits of our work including Hutchmoot, Rabbit Room Press, and now, Rabbit Room Theatre.  On our recent theatre production she shares: 


"Watching the Hiding Place in the theater was an understandably blubbery experience for me. The talent behind the screenplay, the standalone impact of the story itself, and the impressive achievement of the entire project had me sitting in my seat with tears streaming down my face. It was quite an impact, but certainly not a surprise. I knew it would be magnificent because that’s just the kind of quality work the Rabbit Room creates."

Hutchmoot also shaped how Jade engages her surroundings and her perspective on true community. She describes the content as something to behold, but the people truly  changed her life -“Rabbit Room friends take care of each other. The Christ-centered, joy-filled, kind community is truly what has impacted me the most and helped me to nurture my own local community with the same kind of heart.” In fact, one of Jade’s fondest memories thus far was gathering friends and neighbors for “Hymnmoot” - an even she organized to  support the remodel of the Rabbit Room’s community house, North Wind Manor. Jade said, 

If you’ve engaged with various lectures or Hutchmoot talks, who would be your dream to hear from?

Wendell Berry would be an absolute dream. Bob Goff too. Also, let’s get Amy Grimes in our community, please! She is such a gem.


"That global event was just what I needed to welcome my own friends into my home on behalf of the Rabbit Room. We all brought pies and I made a big pot of Texas Chili and my neighbor played our old out of tune piano. We sang hymns and I shared my heart for the Rabbit Room... Afterwards, I was able to send a sweet little check to the Rabbit Room thanks to the generosity of my local community. Since then, There have been times when someone from that night will be passing through Nashville, and they will send me a picture of their family at North Wind Manor in all its splendor and I can’t help but grin at the knowledge that they are part of this great legacy of good and holy work."


Have you experienced the fruits of the Rabbit Room with others? Have you benefited from the works? If so, we invite you to help make the works possible!


The reason why stories like Jade’s exist is because of the generosity of our donors who make our work possible. Join the membership today or look more into giving options to make an impact and grow the work of the Rabbit Room together.

Please note: Member interviews were edited and condensed for clarity.

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